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POM POM ISLAND - Sipadan Pom Pom Resort


  • POM POM ISLAND - Sipadan Pom Pom Resort
  • POM POM ISLAND - Sipadan Pom Pom Resort
  • POM POM ISLAND - Sipadan Pom Pom Resort

About the Resort
Pom Pom Island is around 45 minutes by boat from Borneo's coast; it has rich tropical vegetation and is surrounded by white sand and the turquoise waters of the Celebes Sea. It is on part of this beautiful island that "Pom Pom Island Resort & Spa" finds it home. Pom Pom Island Resort & Spa is a a new and exclusive resort located on Celebes Sea (Latitude 04˚36′ , Longitude 118˚52′). Geographically, Pom Pom Island is among the few rare islands found on the South China Sea.

About Pom Pom Island
Pom Pom Island is around 45 minutes by boat from Borneo's coast; it has rich tropical vegetation and is surrounded by white sand and the turquoise waters of the Celebes Sea. It is on part of this beautiful island that Pom Pom Island finds it home. This little atoll, which takes about an hour to walk around, is often a shelter for both Green and Hawksbill marine turtles that during the night return to the beach to nest. During your vacation, if you are lucky, you might witness the hatching of the eggs and release of baby turtles to the sea.

About the Diving

Situated surrounded by 7 islands, Pom Pom is ideally located for all keen divers to explore the sites and search for famous marine life including turtles and macro.The water here is normally around 26°C to 30°C degrees, even in deeper water. The visibility can depend upon recent weather conditions but is normally at least 15-20 metres and can be up to 30 metres. It can have currents, but in this case Pom Pom resort organize DRIFT DIVING. The boat will follow at a safe distance and collect you once your dive has finished with your guide. At Pom Pom you can enjoy relaxing dives searching for both coral fish and macro sea life. At the moment Pom Pom Island has 20 sites all reachable by fast boat within approximately 15 to 25 minutes.

Boat Schedule (Fixed Departure Time)

Semporna jetty to Pom Pom Island : 10:30hrs; 12:30hrs & 16:30hrs
Pom Pom Island to Semporna Jetty : 09:30hrs & 13:30hrs


Built to offer you complete luxury, comfort and privacy, the resort is set within Pom Pom Island's lush green vegetation. The resort consists of Beach Front Villas, Garden View Villas and Water Villas, which are constructed in traditional architecture to blend into the native surroundings without disturbing or removing the islands natural vegetation. The fresh and cooling sea breeze let you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your stay. All villas are air conditioned, contain private balconies and have an attached bathroom with freshwater supply.

Garden Villa

Situated behind the Beach villas and totally integrating with the natural harmony of the island, our Garden Villas also provide the same standard of comfort as our Beach villas.
Constructed to create a feeling of true luxury and privacy, our quality Villas have every comfort including:
• Air conditioning • Ceiling fans • Hot showers • Hair dryer • Beach towels
• Complimentary coffee and tea
Garden Villa is provided with two chairs on the balcony and two sun beds located to the front.

Beach Villa

Nestled under green palm trees that adorn our beach, our detached Beach Villas are a few steps away from the beach and tropical sea. With 2 large sliding doors opening onto a raised balcony with sun beds; you can relax in private listening to the sea breeze whispering through the trees and birds singing.
Constructed to create a feeling of true luxury and privacy, our quality Villas have every comfort including:
• Air conditioning • Ceiling fans • Hot showers • Hair dryer • Beach towels
• Complimentary coffee and tea
Each villa is provided with two chairs on the balcony and two sun beds located in front of the villa.

Water Villa

These villas are constructed to give superb panoramic vista of the sea. You can enjoy amazing views over the Celebes Sea from your comfortable sun beds situated on your private sun deck then enter the water via your own personal ladder to cool off in the refreshing warm waters. These villas are perfect for couples on honeymoon to enjoy quiet time together. Free to enjoy the sun and sea. The water villas also have a quality fitted bathroom including a large bath with opening window so you can relax in comfort whilst enjoying the magnificent view of the sea.
Constructed to create a feeling of true luxury and privacy, our quality Villas have every comfort including:
• Air conditioning • Ceiling fans • Hot showers • Hair dryer • Beach towels
• Complimentary coffee and tea
Each Water Villa is provided with two sun beds.



Rates are based on per person basis & Mininum 2 person

* All rates above valid till 31 December 2017 (tour commencement date).

* Single Occupancy Policy :
An additional 50% of the package rate will be charged for single occupancy

* For Celiac / Gluten free meals request:
There will be extra MYR 50 per day charge served for gluten free meals. Please inform us in your booking to avoid any inconvenience.

* Child Policy :
(2-11 years old): 50% charge from the adult package
(below 2 years old): free of charge

* Peak Season Surcharge : MYR 100 per person per night :
Christmas eve & Christmas day : 24th & 25th December
New Year eve & New Year day : 31st December & 1st January

  • NON-Diver Package Includes:
  • Return scheduled Land & Sea transfers between: Tawau Airport - Semporna Jetty – Pom Pom Island
  • Full board meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Complimentary coffee, tea and juices are served all day in the restaurant

    ( Min 4 person)
    Pom Pom Island > Timba Timba MYR 100
    Pom Pom Island > Kalapuan Island MYR 100
    Pom Pom Island > Mantabuan Island MYR 100
    Pom Pom Island > Bohaydulong Island MYR 100
    Pom Pom Island > Mataking Island MYR 100
    Pom Pom Island > Bohayan Islanda MYR 120
    Pom Pom Island > Bohaydulong & Mantabuan Island MYR 125
    Pom Pom Island > Sibuan Island MYR 160
    Pom Pom Island > Mabul or Kapalai or Siamil MYR 300
    Pom Pom Island > Mabul & Kapalai MYR 350

    * Note:
    Please register your name at Dive Center or Dive Desk.
    Child : up to 11yrs old – 50% Discount from adult price
    Minimum 4 Snorkelers for the trip

  • Snorkeling Price includes:
  • Life Jacket, Drink & Snacks will be provided for each snorkeling trip
  • One (1) Snorkeling Guide
  • Please refer to dive centre for further information and assistant.
  • Snorkeling Price exclude:
  • Mask & Snorkel Equipment are not included
    ( Rental of equipments are available at the Dive Centre )

    1 MYR 125
    3 MYR 340
    5 MYR 565
    7 MYR 795
    9 MYR 1020
    11 MYR 1180
    13 MYR 1395
    17 MYR 1820
    19 MYR 2035
    21 MYR 2175
    23 MYR 2380
    25 MYR 2585
    27 MYR 2795
  • Diving/Snorkelling activities start from 8.30am to 5pm. (Timing is subject to weather conditions and be changed without prior notice)
  • Guided snorkelling trips to surrounding islands* are organized daily with a minimum of 4 people.
    Note: All snorkelling equipment is not included in the price if not expressly specified; it may be rented at the dive centre.
  • The diving package is for:
  • Two boat dives to another island with a minimum 2 people in the morning;
  • One boat dive around Pom Pom Island in the afternoon.
  • Dive sites in the surrounding islands* will be organized and subject to our Dive Instructor / Dive master's recommendation based on weather and sea conditions.
  • Any additional early morning or night diving will be charged separately.
  • * The islands around Pom Pom are: Pulau Bohaydulong (Tun Sakaran Marine Park), Pulau Mantabuan, Pulau Timba Timba, Pulau Bohayan, Pulau Kalapuan, Pulau Pandanan, Pulau Mataking.
  • The diving package is strictly for CERTIFIED DIVERS in good medical condition. Diving licenses must be shown upon reservation, or at the dive centre prior to any dive activity.
  • The dive package includes Air Tanks (12 litre), belt and weights.
    Note: All dive equipment is not included in the price if not expressly specified; it can be rented at the dive centre.
  • The Dive Manager and Dive Instructors reserve the right to stop any dive activity if the dive centre policy is not respected.
  • Each dive package is valid for 1 person only: it may not be shared, and is not transferable. Any booked dive package is not refundable in the event of a "no show" or other surplus dives at the discretion of the Dive Manager.
  • Prepaid Dive Course & E-learning from PADI WEBSITE: If you wish to do a course, you must obtain a Medical certificate specifically FOR DIVING ACTIVITY before booking or starting the E-learning.
  • You can do your theory before your arrival, online through PADI website. Once you arrive in Pom Pom you only need to do the practical part in the water.
  • Prepaid courses are not refundable.
  • Pom Pom PADI Dive Centre adheres to a 24 hour non diving period prior to flying.
  • The use of personal dive computers is highly recommended, and under no circumstances is a single dive computer to be shared by multiple divers.
    To be allowed to self-dive you are required to:
  • book in advance at least a 5 dive package;
  • be an Advanced level diver or equivalent with 20+ logged dives.
  • Note: if you need a dive master to accompany or buddy you, there is an additional charge of RM 40.00 per dive
  • For your own safety and general organization, each Self-dive must be requested at least 2 hours in advance and be approved by the dive department.
  • Our Diving Package
  • The Dive Package consists of 2 morning dives and 1 afternoon dive. We leave after breakfast for the first two dives to one of the 7 nearby surrounding islands. Depending on weather and sea conditions we can sometimes visit the beaches and take our surface interval break enjoying a refreshing drink and snack. After the second dive, we return for lunch, and then in the afternoon we make our third dive at one of our Pom Pom Island dive sites. Furthermore the diving package includes free self dives up to 6pm from our jetty. Using PADI's buddy system, you will be able to observe the shy and spectacular Mandarin fish located near our jetty. If this is not enough to satisfy your diving needs, we can arrange for a small charge, exciting night dives ideal for passionate photographers to observe amazing macro life.
  • PADI Dive Centre
  • Our resort is situated in Borneo, a place on earth considered to be a paradise for diving. The diving offered is supported by professional services, suitable for all levels of experience.
    We are a registered PADI Scuba Diving Centre in 2008, and abide by PADI Standards and Procedures. If you have never tried Scuba Diving before, you can start by maybe trying a discover scuba dive, where you can enjoy your first underwater diving experience with a qualified PADI Dive Instructor. You can become a "SCUBA DIVER" in 3 days, or if you prefer you can become an "OPEN WATER DIVER" in 4 days.
  • If you dive already, and wish to progress, we can offer you the "ADVANCED COURSE", "RESCUE" and many others. Our prime goal is to ensure your diving safety, so our friendly and enthusiastic Dive Instructors will assist your every need and are committed to making your diving dreams come true.
  • At our dive centre, we have a Briefing Room with DVD facilities, Gear Room for drying and storing your equipment, fresh water showers, Camera Room and Compressor Room. We aim to provide you with the highest service.
  • Equipment Rental
  • We use MARES and Scubapro BCDs, Regulators and Fins.
  • Typical Day Diving Schedule
  • Our daily diving schedule starts at 8.30am. All your equipment will be prepared and ready on the boat, you will just need to bring your mask, fins and wetsuit and come aboard our boat. We will take you to one of our many dives sites where you will be given a briefing then assisted and guided during the dive itself.
  • You can relax during your surface interval, take refreshment and enjoy the scenery. We make the second dive at a different site then after more refreshments we return you to Sipadan Pom Pom Island Resort for lunch. At 3.00pm we take you for your third dive to a site near Pom Pom Island. At the end of the diving day, all your equipment will be carefully washed, cleaned and dried by our staff and instructors ready for the next day's diving.
  • Situated surrounded by 7 islands, we are ideally located for all keen divers to explore our sites and search for famous rare species of fish and enjoy "Muck Diving". By now it has become a challenge to see who can find the tiniest and most unusual sea creature, the fundamental of "Muck Diving"
    At Pom Pom we enjoy relaxing dives searching for both coral fish and macro sea life. At the moment we have 20 sites all reachable by fast boat within approximately 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Pom Pom ; Pulau Pom Pom
  • Mandarin Heaven
  • A macro-lovers paradise, which is easily accessible by boat, as well as from the jetty by giant stride entry. A gentle slope stretches down from the shallow plateau at 5m beyond 40m. This unique dive site combines the natural beauty of prominent coral heads playing hosts to Octopus, Hinge Beak Shrimps and many others, together with artificial structures playing host to Ghostpipefish sheltering Crinoids of all colors and Common and Zebra Lionfish.
  • The site, comprised predominantly of rubble and soft coral patches is home to some extraordinary Nudibranchs, with new ones being found on a regular basis, and also features two purpose placed tyre piles at 8m, which act as a great sanctuary for all manner of fish including Twin Spot Lionfish, Banded and Winged Pipefish, Trumpetfish, Leaf Scorpionfish and Stonefish. It doesn't end here though, this dive site has yet more to offer, as the highly rare and sought after Mandarin Fish are waiting to be found amongst the Sea Urchins at 5m, and the shallows act as a haven to Turtles, Banded Sea Snakes and Robust Ghostpipefish!
  • Pit Rock
  • Sitting at the bottom of the buoy line at around 20m, Pit Rock is one not to miss at Pulau Pom Pom! Resting on the gradual rubble slope, this one area alone is host to a number of amazing creatures and is a firm favourite for visiting underwater photographers with Schools of Glass Fish swimming around. Macro-life engulfs the rock with several Leaf Scorpionfish, Hinge beak, Banded Boxer and Peacock Mantis Shrimps all over this small but bio-diverse area. Dive-able in all conditions with a sloping reef littered with Nudibranchs and resting Sea Turtles continuing both left and right shoulder, this dive is suitable for all levels of diver.
  • Northern Valley
  • As you descend, a shallow coral garden greets you sloping slowly downwards to well beyond 40m. This dive is more suited to experienced divers as the areas past 25m have the highest concentrations of coral and fish life, in combination with it being prone to strong currents, therefore making it a more challenging dive for the less experienced diver. Four large Gorgonians fans dominate the area at around 27m, sheltering Pygmy Seahorses for the diver with eyes keen enough to seek them out, whilst Trevally, Batfish and Fusilier schools provide the area with rich and diverse colour. Coming shallower, Octopus, Lionfish, Blue Spotted Stingrays and even Frogfish can be seen making this a very enjoyable dive for all.
  • New Life
  • Starting with a steep sloping wall upon your descent, covered in cracks, holes and ledges, New Life has plenty to offer in terms of marine life. As you swim further, the slope decreases and stretches out on a much flatter area covered in coral heads and many anemone strewn sand patches full of life. Especially good for juveniles species, Stonefish, Scorpionfish, Harlequin Sweetlips, Pinnate Batfish, Lionfish and all manner of crustaceans can be found here with ease. The area is also the perfect grounds for sleepy Turtles to rest and for Whip Corals and Sea Fans to stretch into the current and feed on the nutrient rich currents.
  • Cliffhanger
  • With a buoy line descending to around 18-20m, this dive is suitable for all levels of diver. Starting as a wall dive with stunning Fans and Whip Corals, and then becoming less steep on the rubble and sandy bottom, this is a lovely multilevel afternoon dive. With the reef reaching a plateau at 50m, there is plenty of life here, for macro lovers, Mandarin Fish jot the rubble bottom along with Nudibranchs, all manner of exciting shrimps and Flatworms. For those not interested in the small stuff, Turtles roam the whole site, huge Painted Spiney Lobsters (often in pairs) seek shelter in openings on the wall, Batfish, Sweetlips and Parrotfish are plentiful here too making this a dive for all tastes.
  • Magic Rocks
  • With all that Pom Pom has to offer in one dive site, Magic Rocks will suit any of our guests. With Gorgonian Sea Fans resting on a plateau at approximately 30m, many sand patches to seek out bottom dwellers like the Stargazer and hiding Stingrays, Rubble covered shallows sheltering Nudibranchs, tiny Frogfish, Mandarin Fish, Pipefish, Octopus and more, and of course the Magic Rocks themselves. There is a great deal to see at this dive site with Leaf Scorpionfish and Banded Boxer Shrimp crowding around the rocks along with Hinge Beak, Cleaner and Glass Shrimps. Stonefish, Scorpionfish, Pinnate Batfish and Lionfish can all be found here too making this a great multilevel dive to finish your days diving.
  • Mantabuan ; Pulau Mantabuan
  • Hanging Gardens
  • An amazing dive site, featuring a beautiful and rare Black Coral Garden between 22 and 35m, some pieces of which are over a metre in height, this dive site has been known to throw up Giant Frogfish, Sawblade Shrimps and all manner of crustaceans, amongst a vast number of schooling reef fish and bigger fish like Tuna and Rainbow Runners cruising past in the blue. This is a lovely dive that will suit both beginners and seasoned professionals alike.
  • Aquarium
  • This site offers pristine corals and an abundance of marine life, with schooling Moorish Idols and Bat Fish often spotted. Blue Spotted Stingrays can be seen is abundance, taking shelter under the numerous Table Corals, the amazing Frogfish can be seen patiently waiting to strike at its prey from the camouflage of Barrel Sponges and Staghorn Corals, and for the keen eyed diver, the beautiful Ghostpipefish can be seen hiding amongst Crinoids and rubble on the sea floor. A sloping reef down dropping down to 35m, with minimal current, this is a dive you should not miss!
  • Corner
  • With a maximum depth of around 15m, this makes a lovely second dive. Though currents can be strong here, stunning hard and soft corals play host to a wealth of marine life, from schools of Banner Fish to Stunning Nudibranchs, Graceful Green and Hawksbill Turtles to Cleaner Wrasse, this dive offers something for all divers, whatever your preference.
  • Drops Coral
  • A lovely dive suitable for all levels, with sandy patches where you can nudibranchs and gobies, alongside bombies with shrimps, scorpion fish and morays waiting to be found. There are some soft green and brown sponges worth checking out to see if any frog fish are hiding. Towards the end of the dive you can find some pretty areas of corals, with slow growing brain and cabbage corals. Sometimes shoals of barracuda and bumphead parrotfish can be seen.
  • Timba Timba ; Pulau Timba Timba
  • Jalan Jalan
  • Prone to some strong currents, Timba Timba offers fantastic drift diving. With Turtles (often more than 10 on a single dive), Bumphead Parrotfish, Trumpetfish and Barracuda in droves, Jalan Jalan is a great dive. Literally translated as "Go", Jalan Jalan's association with current is obvious, making this a dive for the more experienced diver unless conditions are more favourable.
  • Sweet Lips Table
  • Another drift dive, with depths passing 30m along a sloping wall. Sweetlips Table offers much the same as any other dive sites in the area, though also gives divers the opportunity to get close to Harlequin and Oriental Sweetlips, known to use this portion of the reef as their home. Encounters with nesting Titan Trigger Fish are common here also. Macro diving is also a possibility here with many different species prominent, though due to the areas association with strong currents, this is not always possible.
  • Sting Ray City
  • Yet more great drift diving is to be found here, with Blue Spotted Stingrays in high numbers, and many Green and Hawksbill Turtles swimming in the current as they go up for air. Macrolife is more prominent here, and sightings of Peacock Mantis Shrimps, Frogfish, Ornate Ghostpipefish and Leaf Scorpionfish in many spots throughout the dive have been reported. Better dove nearer high tide when the current is nearing turning point, this dive is easily accessible for all divers with beautiful hard corals in the shallows and a gradual slope stretching down past 30m for those wishing to venture a little deeper.
  • Kalapuan ; Pulau Kalapuan
  • R.D.Wall
  • An enjoyable wall dive, starting off with a slope then as the dive progresses reaching the wall, at all levels you can find nooks and crannies worth searching in for Boxer Shrimps, Dancing Gobies, Firedart Gobies, plus an abundance of nudibranches, peacock mantis, coral whip partner shrimps plus many other favourites.
  • Batarua Reef
  • Macro Mania
    Got an underwater camera? Then make sure you have your battery fully charged as this is a photographers dream. With Hairy Squat Lobsters, many different kinds of Gobie, Pipefish, Orang-utan Crabs, Nudibranchs, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Flatworms, Frogfish, Partner Shrimp, Crabs and many more this is a dive not to miss out on for macro lovers!
  • Mataking ; Pulau Mataking
  • Deep Wall
  • Located at the North of the island, this dive is can be open to some strong currents. The shallows also offer great opportunities for macro life, with Ribbon Eels, Scorpion Leaf Fish and Cuttlefish ready to found! This is a dive suitable for more experienced divers.
  • Sweetlips Rock
  • A dive located near Pualau Mataking Kecil. A gentle wall down to around 18m, this dive site offers Nudibranchs, Flatworms and Shrimps for the macro lover, together with the site named Oriental Sweetlips that call this reef their home, Green Turtles can also be seen here amongst the shallows.
  • Postbox Wreck & Sipadan Mermaid Wreck
  • An artificial reef, purposefully sunk and sitting in around 22m of water, divers have found Lion fish, sightings of Shrimps, Scorpionfish, Jackfish and Moray Eels.
  • Pulau Bohayan
  • Pygmy Point
  • A deep dive of around 30m, often open to some very strong current, depending on the conditions this can be a challenging dive. The highlight of this dive site is the high number of beautiful and fragile Gorgonian Fans that are present here, reaching out into the current. The perfect environment for Pygmy Seahorses, sightings can be regular, though there is more to see here too. Pharaoh Cuttlefish, Leaf Scorpionfish, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Porcelain Crabs and Blue Spotted Sting Rays can all be seen in the shallow reef amongst some of the best coral in the area. Don't forget to keep an eye in the blue too for the possible sighting of a passing Eagle Ray!
  • Lands End
  • A marker boy and chain marks our spot to begin the dive here, with the reef wall dropping down past 30m, covered in many small fans and anemones, and with stunning hard corals in the shallows, this is a beautiful dive. Open to some strong currents, this is great drift dive! Schools of Fusiliers can be seen patrolling the reef along with Big Fin Reef Squid, whilst Nudibranchs cover the reef along with many other macro species including the Giant Frogfish. A great opportunity to spot ocean dwelling fish such as Tuna exists here also, so don't just keep your eyes focused on the wall!
  • The standard check in-time is 1400 hours and check out time is 0900 hours. Early check-in and late check-out is subject to room availability. The resort 150-member staff awaits to make your dive holiday safe, easy and fun.
  • The Pom Pom Heart
  • Inspired by the coral formation of White Xenia, the heart of our resort is awe inspiring, stupendous creation of timber consisting of 28 trunks of Belian trees, this vast hexagonal space is divided into areas for the restaurant, bar and saloon with ample space for up to 200 people.
  • Dive Desk
  • Diving Instructors can be found in the evening to assist you with planning your diving or snorkeling activities for the following day. Our Instructors are at your disposal for information such as diving courses, snorkeling, trips to local islands, and diving.
  • Reception
  • Our greeting area for new arrivals, and to give our welcome briefing supplying you with all the information you need to know to enjoy your stay. Safety boxes are provided free of charge, please check with our staff upon check in.
  • Yin & Yang Spa
  • Indulge your senses with sweet smelling candles, soft music and the sound of our water feature. Enjoy our highly recommended Signature Massage, Volcanic Stone Massage, Kativasthi Massage, Balinese Massage, Traditional Shiatsu and many more.
  • Connectivity
  • WiFi internet is available throughout the clubhouse, so that you will never miss out any personal or business news. If you did not bring your Netbook or your phone does not have WiFi connectivity, computers are provided in the Computer Room. Internet USB or Dongles are provided for WIFI in the rooms for a charge. Please enquire upon check in.
  • Others
  • Games Room
    Conference Room
    Computer Room (with Printer)
  • There is never a dull moment at Pom Pom Island resort. For the adventurous we offer kayaking and snorkeling or if that sounds like too much hard work then why not take a stroll on our white sand beaches or simply sit back and soak up the rays.
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling and swimming, either from the beach or the jetty
  • Kayak Rental
  • It takes about 1 hour to kayak around our island, the best times are either early in the morning or after 4pm in the evening to avoid the heat of the day and enjoy cool sea breezes
  • Beach volleyball
  • Enjoy a game of football with the workers of Pompom
  • Bicycling/Running
  • Enjoy bicycling or running around our jogging/bike track where you can see the vegetable gardens and fruit trees or you can watch the sunset and enjoy romantic walks on the beach.
  • Bohaydulong Island Trekking
  • For our guests who want to spend longer exploring the nearby islands, we have recently introduced a trek at Bohaydulong Island, where you can climb up to 366 metre view point over the other islands. After that, you can then a visit the Marine Park Research centre into Giant Clams. We take our morning break, then our guests can enjoy snorkelling within the lagoon. We take a picnic lunch which we can enjoy either at Bohaydulong or Mantabuan Island on the beach depending on tides times. After that we continue snorkelling around the beautiful corals gardens within the Marine Park then returning home to Pom Pom later in the afternoon.
    For those who want relax inside, there is a pool table, board games, and our bar area with seating area. In the evenings, our Dive Instructors can be found at our Dive Desk where you can check through our fish and macro books to identify the discoveries of the day and plan for the following day.
  • Restaurant
  • We provide traditional Asian (Malay and Chinese) and European food which is served as a grand buffet. At lunch and dinner you can enjoy fresh tasty local fish dishes, a variety of meat and vegetable dishes, fresh breads and rice plus fresh fruits and sweets including cakes and local delicacies. For breakfast our chef provides a range of Asia and European foods including eggs, pancakes and fresh fruits.
  • If you have an allergy or are a vegetarian, please state this when making your booking so our chef can provide, for a small charge, range of foods suited to your diet.
    Celiac guests: Pom Pom Island is catered to serving guests with Celiac disease. Please advise us in advance so we can make necessary arrangements.
  • Bar
  • Our bar offers a wide choice of Wines, Beers, Spirits and Cocktails and soft drinks, plus the chance to enjoy Italian coffee and cappuccino.
  • Lounge
  • This is a relaxation area where you can sit for a drink, read a book or chat with friends.

    Full Snorkel Equipment
    Mask, Snorkel, Snorkel fins & Life Jacket MYR 30
    Diving Equipment BASIC
    Mask, Snorkel, BCD, Regulator, Shorty, Snorkel fins MYR 100
    Diving Equipment COMFORT
    Mask, Snorkel, BCD, Regulator, Shorty or Long Suit,
    Boot fins, Booties, Computer
    MYR 120
    Mask & Snorkel Set MYR 15
    Regulator MYR 30
    BCD MYR 30
    Diving Computer MYR 30
    Torch MYR 30
    Long Suit MYR 25
    Short Suit MYR 20
    Snorkelling Fins MYR 15
    Boot Fins & Booties MYR 20
    Booties MYR 10

    Price changes without prior notice
    All Equipment rentals are for per-day basis (8am-4pm)

  • All reservation MUST provide the following information: Name as per passport, Passport Number, Nationality, Gender & Flight detail
  • Upon arrival at Tawau airport prior to land transfer to the resort, all guests are required to sign a liability release (waiver) form to express an assumption of risk. All guests are to abide all the rules for safety in scuba diving and any other recreational activities provided by the resort.
  • No refund will be made for any part of the Sipadan or Mabul Island diving trip, shorten stay, transfers, side tours, hotels, meals, diving permit etc. not utilized by the guest once the trip has departed from their place of origin.
  • After commencement of service, no refund, in part or full, will be given for services included in the package which have not been utilized or due to bad weather
  • Weather conditions: We cannot predict the weather conditions these days for scuba diving even for the best season
  • SIPADAN is the small island where you can dive and snorkel. It is a 15-30 minutes boat ride south of Mabul. Sipadan is the tip of a mountain with steep underwater walls all around it. These walls drop to 300m on the Mabul side of the island and 600m on south side. Diving on Sipadan is all drift diving, divers drop in and cruise with the current along the walls. This combination of deep walls and ocean currents provides the ideal environment for pelagic such as sharks and large schools of jacks and barracuda.
  • * Divers and snorkelers are to refrain from touching, teasing and restraining turtles under water because turtles are air breathers and can be drowned if panicked or cornered. Anyone riding or restraining turtles will sit out the next dive.
    Note: The time restricted by the Government for Diving at Sipadan Island is from 6am to 6pm.
  • MABUL in contrast to Sipadan is a continuation of the Borneo landmass rather than the top of an underwater mountain. Because of this, Mabul has more gradually sloping walls around it that bottom out at about 30m. The attractions on Mabul are of the smaller variety such as lobster, crocodile fish, moray and garden eels. This makes it an ideal location for macro-photo opportunities.
    If you walk around the east of the island at night, be sure to take a flashlight and watch for sea snakes on the beach or amongst the palm trees.
  • KAPALAI lies to the east of Mabul about 10 minutes away. It used to be a vegetated island much like Mabul but erosion has turned it into a small sandbar that just breaks the surface of the water. This is an area that we are exploring for new dive sites. Like Mabul it is an excellent location for macro-photography and is specially abundant in the rare finds of diving such as mandarin fish, stonefish, leaf fish, pipefish, lionfish, frogfish, cuttlefish, eels, and more.